The research and surveillance services of intellectual property rights and related technical-legal opinions provided by Notarbartolo & Gervasi can extend to any geographical area and any technological or commercial sector for effective management of innovation and competitiveness against competitors. In fact, all these activities allow not only to identify new development opportunities but also to prevent any risks arising from competitors’ patents, trademarks and models, so that they can be limited or even nullified with targeted enforcement actions, such as observations on invalidity and oppositions before patent and trademark offices, as well as nullity proceedings before national, foreign or international courts.


  • Patentability searches and opinions on new inventions
  • Searches and opinions on the registrability of new trademarks
  • Searches and opinions on the freedom to operate of products and services
  • Searches and opinions on the validity of competitors' IP rights
  • Monitoring of competitors’ IP rights
  • Surveillance by technology sector
  • Acquisition of official documents and records
  • State-of-the-art analysis in a specific technology sector

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