Protecting intellectual and industrial assets is, today more than ever, the essential element of a strategy capable of translating research, creativity and experimentation into real commercial success.
Filing and obtaining a patent are fundamental steps in securing the right to prohibit the unauthorized reproduction and exploitation of one’s invention or utility model.
To that end, the invention or utility model should be kept secret before the relevant patent application is filed.


  • Preliminary analysis of products and processes to be protected
  • Preparation of formal specifications and drawings
  • Study and drafting of claims
  • Direct filing of Italian, European and international patent applications (PCT)
  • Worldwide extensions through foreign associates
  • Assistance in examination procedures
  • Defence in opposition proceedings
  • Appeals before boards of appeal
  • Surveillance and deadline warnings
  • Maintenance after grant
  • Drafting of non-disclosure agreements
  • Registration of assignments and licenses
  • Advice on legal actions
  • Economic valuation of patents
  • Prior art searches
  • Monitoring of competitors' patents
  • Authorizations for first filings abroad
  • Software and semiconductor patenting
  • Protection of new plant varieties
  • Filing of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) for medicinal products and plant protection products
  • Protection of trade secrets and know-how

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