The registration of designs and models makes it possible to protect the shapes of two or three-dimensional products, or of their components, so as to prevent third parties from manufacturing products with the same or similar shapes. It is possible to register the shapes of products that are not only real but also virtual, such as, for example, animations, icons and graphic interfaces.


  • Preliminary analysis of products and designs to be protected
  • Direct filing of Italian, EU and international design applications
  • Worldwide extensions through foreign associates
  • Assistance in examination procedures
  • Appeals before boards of appeal
  • Surveillance and deadline warnings
  • Maintenance after approval
  • Transcripts of assignments and licenses
  • Advice on legal actions
  • Economic valuation of designs
  • Monitoring of competitors’ designs
  • Protection of graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
  • Protection of unregistered designs
  • Protection of artistic designs

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